Our Story

Hi! I’m Melissa. I probably know a lot of you out there since I have 30+ years of experience producing large scale festivals, farmers markets, craft fairs and every imaginable event in between. This platform is my passion and and probably the culmination of everything that I have done. It feels right because I know it so well. As a result of all my event production experience I came to the  realization that…..things can be better! My aim is to improve the interface between artisans and event producers and share best practices. There is so much to learn and so much we can do better. Let’s raise the bar to create enhanced and successful experiences for small craft businesses, on-line craft marketers, artisans and those looking too scale their business to the next level.

Our Vision

To create a world where craft entrepreneurs and artisans have access to the best information for starting and scaling their businesses.

We are event organizers and crafters with hands-on experience working with vendors at markets and online. We know digital marketing and merchandising.

We know that what we do is not like most entrepreneurial start-ups. We bring our knowledge as well as that of other experts to you so you can build a successful craft business. With focus and perseverance you can succeed and make money at what you love.

Meet the Team

We are committed to you. We are here to take you every step of the way. Our every growing team of artisans, crafts people,  and business advisers want to help you succeed.


Event Village Melissa Frantz

Melissa Frantz

Founder & CEO

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Chief Technology Officer

Eric Johnson


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