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It’s Personal for Us

Imagine being able to shop and discover all your local, artisanal vendors in one location! One big artisanal market 24/7.
We love markets and craft fairs but, Covid 19 put a stop to that, at least temporarily.
Our founder Melissa Frantz has been producing artisanal markets for many years.
Out of negativity we find creativity!
Welcome to the first site that focuses on supporting local vendors and creatives through e-commerce. Find your local vendors all in one location.
Event Village levels the playing field and supports marketing efforts for local artisans so they can focus on what they do best.
We’re here to support local!


Easy online ordering that connects with your existing accounts. Track sales, and inventory

Order Management

Manage your orders and stay in touch with your clients. No longer the cumbersome interface of phone, email, lists, payments. We centralize it all for you in an easy location.


Harness the power of the marketplace. Build brand awareness, build your customer base, track sales and run promotions all in one location. We market through the power of keywords, social media and email marketing. We support and feature our vendors in our blog, videos, podcasts and recipes sections. We do public relations to draw your customers to your site and.


You deliver or we provide you with delivery options. Outsource your deliveries and get same-day service.

Keep your Individuality

Whether you make your products, or curate them from other designers and creatives, we know how important your brand is to you. Your shop will have your unique look and feel. Need help with your point of sale? We’re here to help you!
We are here to make your sales flow and shop management a breeze.
Ready to sign-up? Just a few easy steps and you will be up and running in no time! One of our account reps is happy to assist you!

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It’s Personal for Us

It’s simple! We’re passionate about supporting local grassroot entrepreneurs. Those are the people who make, bake, create and curate beautiful items. This platform supports those efforts and spotlights what people are creating.
Now in the time of COVID 19 we need to support each other more than ever.
Before you go shopping think about supporting local entrepreneurs. You can do that here!

Please share with a friend. For each NEW like and share we will offer you a coupon worth 10% off next time you shop on Event Village World.

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