Event Village

Justine and I have collectively been in the events business for over 40 years. We’ve done just about every type of event you can think of from corporate conferences, charity bike tours to beer festivals. We’ve had a hell of a great time doing all of them. The aspects of those events that most resonated with us were the ones where we worked with artisanal vendors. There is something about working with entrepreneurial artisans, makers and curators. The passion is palpable and the desire to share and grow their businesses is inspirational plus, they’re the nicest people. 

If there is anything that we have learned from staging artisanal, craft fairs it’s that these start-ups are the backbone of our communities. From acorn to oak tree, from hobby to product, the community is resonant and ready to grow. 

Event Village is our new journey and we’d love you to join us on it.

Event Village is more than just a new website. It’s an online shopping experience for people to support local and find that one of a kind, artisanal product. We’re a website AND ALSO a live, virtual, marketplace all in one location. That’s where YOU, the maker, the artisan, the designer, the crafter, and the curator all come in. This site was designed for you! 

Our mission is to help small businesses like you to be successful and support you on your creative, entrepreneurial  journey. But here’s one of the most exciting parts: Event Village online shops was created to enable people to shop LOCAL and support small businesses in their own community.

Finally!  People supporting people where they live!  No more getting lost in a sea of products from all over. It’s all about you!

Here is the first step..

We’re searching for Ambassadors for Event Village. What’s an ambassador?  An ambassador is a spokesperson for Event Village.  You’ll have your own shop on the website AND at our virtual market places. If you have your own website or sell on other sites, no problem, most crafters sell on more than one platform. 

The virtual part is really exciting. We’re creating a live, seamless experience  where you’ll be able to chat with customers, sell products, post videos and so much more. When we do get back to staging live events we’ll be able to offer expanded accessibility and no more canceled events due to weather, we’ll be right here online! We’ll have all kinds of exciting things happening to create a rich experience for our online shoppers.

Now, here’s the real perk! As an ambassador you’ll get to be on Event Village for FREE! Yes FREE!  All you have to do is recruit your fellow vendors. Why? Because we want to support our artisanal community. 

If selected as an Ambassador, you  will represent Event Village with pride and promote it like it’s your shop … because it is your shop!

We all know it takes a village. With strength in numbers we can support your creativity, and your pocketbook, enabling you to do more of what you love. Our vendors are front and center, never lost in the crowd. Once an ambassador you reign supreme in your very own Event Village kingdom! 

NO Event Village membership fees and no commissions to Event Village, as long as you are an ambassador!

With talented artists, and unique products we can bring consumers what they’ve been missing!

Please go to http://eventvillage.world  to check us out and sign up! There are only a limited amount of spots available so don’t delay!

You can also email me at melissa@eventvillage.world I’m happy to answer your questions. We can get you up and running in no time! 

We are so excited to welcome you to Event Village!

Big hugs,
Melissa & Justine