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mother-daughter, event village founders

My story is a circuitous one, but aren’t they all? 

It started with a dream, no…really! Life for everybody had changed. Everything we thought we knew was upside-down. This virus named Corona had arrived and switched everything up UGH! 

All the dreams I had for a website, all the plans I had been making for a while (and when I say a while I mean two years) suddenly didn’t seem feasible. The new site was going to be event based but, now there weren’t any…at least not right now. 

All those futuristic plans GONE! I was so excited about the new direction my business was taking. That pretty much disappeared overnight! I’m not complaining, because that happened for everybody. “Now”, I said, “it’s time to suck it up, put on my big girl pants and ponder.”

One thing I pretty much always do is look at disruptions and ask myself, “what are the opportunities here? What do I need to see and what can be done to improve whatever it is I am pondering?” Being a positive person helps, I always see things in a positive light. I see what can or could be. I believe that there are always work-arounds and hacks.

So hack away I did. That’s when I woke up with my plan. It happened exactly on March 31st. I got back from a California visit to my daughter on March 15th. By that time Corona had already started rampaging across the globe. I was accepting the fact that what I wanted to do was not a practical thing to do but, now what? “How”, I asked “can I help my vendor community?” Yes I’m an event organizer but artisanal vendors is where my heart lies. Our small, artisanal vendors had gotten wiped-out, with no events and many without online options I knew I had to do something in that arena. All their clients who were used to seeing them at their favorite markets, well, that option was no longer possible.

That’s when I knew! The best thing I could do was build a hyper-local ecommerce shop for artisanal vendors. That place where makers, artisans, designers, creators, and curators could open shop and sell. Finally!  People supporting people where they live!  No more getting lost in a sea of products from all over. I wanted to make it all about the local, small, grassroots business!

But, that’s not all. I immediately called my developer and told him to put our former project on hold. We were now pivoting. We steered our ship and made it come about, metaphorically speaking. 

But, there was still something bothering me. Events, such a sad loss. “How could I recreate that experience?” I asked myself. Well maybe not recreate, that’s hard to do online but maybe create a similar experience. A place where people can come, chat with the vendor, shop products, see demos, browse around and find those unique, one of a kind items that we love so much.

That’s when I called Pushpendra, my developer, and asked, “Is all that possible?” He immediately said yes! I got so excited I nearly peed (just kidding). That was the missing piece! Finally, an all-in-one location where people can shop, experience online events, support local vendors and have a ball!

But, that’s not all! The icing on the cake was when my daughter told me she wanted to join. Her creativity and energy is so amazing and just what we needed, so there you have it, a mother-daughter team. Two generations sharing their skills, creativity and passion.

We thank you so much for reading this and we hope you enjoy your experience. If you are a vendor and would like to be a part of our community let me know and we can get you up and running in no time. We can also give you help with your business structure and branding because we want you to succeed. 

If you are a shopper, thank you for coming by. It’s so important for us to support each other in our own communities. If there is anything you are looking for or if you have a favorite vendor that you don’t see here let us know. We are happy to reach out to them and invite them onboard. We’ll give you 10% off on your next shopping spree for the tip.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please share your email address in the contact us area so we can include you in our newsletter. We won’t inundate you with emails and we do not share our lists with anybody.

Big hugs,

Melissa & Justine

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