17000 Flavors of Indonesia

17000 Flavors of Indonesia

Born through the success of our traditional Indonesian restaurant, co-owner, chef Abe now brings you his most favorite cooking seasonings to home cooks everywhere. For Abe, each carefully balanced seasoning is inspired by a memory or experience throughout his childhood in Nusantara, Indonesia. These seasonings are unique and personal and create an experience through authentic and traditional flavors. These sought-after flavors have been enjoyed by many in our restaurant and we are now able to offer them for your enjoyment in your own kitchen.

These seasonings are not only for preparing authentic Indonesian style dishes, but can be used creatively to come up with your own recipes. These well-balanced flavors of lemon grass, kaffir lime, coriander, cumin, turmeric and candlenut (to name just a few), are synergistically balanced to titillate the palate. Our fresh and all-natural ingredients are carefully sourced for the best quality and flavor with no added preservatives or additives. These are designed to create the same experience in your kitchen as they are created in ours. Make the World Tastier!

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