Atelier E

Atelier E

Atelier E by Emily Peters is upcycled, eco-friendly, handmade and sweatshop free accessories and clothing.

Atelier E handmade, minimalist, art-to-wear jewelry is made using sustainably produced, reclaimed and conflict-free semi-precious & precious sheet metals. Every piece is handmade by Emily in her home studio, and is either one-of-a-kind or limited editions of no more than 10. The large collections of art-to-wear accessories are Revolution, Synthesis, and Eon. Atelier E operates under a zero waste policy, and as such, the smaller Spaces Collection features the beautiful small shapes left from cutting the large collections and bits of leftover chain and findings.

The Material Collection features satchels, reusable tea towels, and cosmetic rounds made from organic cotton and upcycled natural fibers, and small batch, hand-dyed fabrics. Emily chooses discarded sheets, curtains and home textiles to reclaim. These fabrics are then dyed in small batches in-house, or used as-is, in their original color.

The Reflection Collection features organic and sustainable women’s tailored clothing. These apparel pieces are made with small batch, hand-dyed and block printed organic cottons, hemp/wool or hemp/silk blends. All fabrics in the Reflection Collection are sustainably grown and produced. Every piece is made by Emily's hand in limited quantities, with love and care for the Earth and all Her inhabitants.

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