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Fredian Slips Mixed Media Creations

Fredian Slips Mixed Media Creations

Each piece is carefully handcrafted and signed by the creator. Many of the beads on the necklaces are handmade, many are found items, or from deconstructed vintage jewelry, or purchased in another country. Fredian Slips are wearable, Fredian Slips are sculptures, Fredian Slips are paintings and photography, Fredian Slips are hang-able. One thing is for sure; each Fredian Slips piece is a unique work of art. Since items are created from found and handmade items no two are ever identical. Every item is signed and dated. Fredian Slips are never symmetrical, a jump ring may be copper on one end of a necklace and gunmetal on the other end. Art pieces are mostly mixed media using repurposed items.

All Fredian Slips Mixed Media Creations videos

Fredian Slips at R.U.N. Art Foundry working on a bronze piece

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